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MASTERS – World Cup F5J-2019

Escalona del Prado

from June 15th to 16th 2019

Contest scoring for EUROTOUR-2019. Official languages: English and Spanish


Organized by MASTERS-F5J and Club AMD Petirrojo de Escalona            
www.f5jmasters.com Technical Direction: Sergio Martínez Lara        
+34 678740831    smlara@gmail

Competition Board:

  • Sergio Martínez Lara
  • Javier Iglesias Guzmán
  • One Pilot senior selected by random

Sponsors:   Club de Aeromodelismo Petirrojo de Escalona  


Inscription to be performed thru the Organization official webpage: www.f5jmasters.com/pilot-roster/. Participants must hold a valid license from FAI. Participants will not be authorised to compete in case the do not present the license upon contest registration. License document will be retained by the organization until end of contest (or the voluntary withdrawal of the participant). For logistic reasons only the first SIXTY (60) successfully inscriptions will participate. The organisation reserves the right to modify this number in case it is deemed necessary. Inscription period is until May 25th 2019 inclusive. Inscription fee 50€. The organization reserves the right to admit inscriptions until Sat. June 8th with a 20% surcharge. The fee would then be 60€. The inscription fee does not include Gala Dinner allowances.

Flight Field

Escalona del Prado (Segovia)

Coord. GPS: 41°09’45.6″N 4°08’21.6″W

See: www.f5jmasters.com

Classification Rounds and Fly-off

It is ensisaged to perform ten (10) classifying rounds and three (3) Fly-off rounds.




14 JUNE 2019 (FRIDAY)

10:00-18:00 Free training flights
16:00-18:00 Registration, Licenses Collection & Identifiers Delivery



9:00-10:00 Registration, Licenses Collection & Identifiers Delivery
10:30-10:45 Pilot Briefing
11:15-17:30 Qualifying Flights (7)


16 JUNE 2019 (SUNDAY)

9:30-11:10 Qualifying Flights (3)
11:15-11:45 Results publication and claiming time.
11:30-12:00 Draw Fly-off flights and print raffle (14 pilots)
12:15-13:40 Fly-off flights (3)
13:45-14:15 Results publication and claiming time.
14:30 Proclamation of winners & Awards Ceremony



Those authorized in Spain (CNAF) :

  • 2,4 GHz Band
  • 35 MHz Band : from 35.030MHz till 35.200MHz
  • 40MHz: 40.665, 40.675, 40.685 y 40.695MHz

Equipment using 35 or 40 MHz will be held by the organization in those moments the participant is not in his/her competition rounds. In the flight field it is only permitted intercom systems to the organization staff.


Last published CIAM-FAI rules: sc4_vol_f5_electric_18.pdf en https://www.fai.org/page/ciam-code One translated cop (for reference only) can be seen: http://www.aeromodelismo.rfae.es/files/CTNA/F5/SC4_Vol_F5_Electric_14_F5J.pdf Altimeter may be any of those authorised by EDIC WG & Electronic Device Approvals https://www.fai.org/sites/default/files/f5j_amrt_approval_list_180829.pdf If the contestant would not use an altimeter RC-Electronic o Altis, it must be communicated to the organization in the moment of inscription. The contestant must then provide the SW and HW to monitor the system upon organization request. All Altimeter must feature last FAI approved FW version (no emergency restart). Under ( of the rules the model must feature a “Y” connection for witness altimeter installation (the organization can provide “Y” cabling). If the participant intends to use two or mere models those must be recorded by the organization. It is obligation of the participant the knowledge of the rules.


All participating teams must hold a valid FAI Sporting Licence for the year 2019.


If a competitor must for medical reasons take any of the substances listed on the WADA Prohibited List, he or she must present a Therapeutic Use Exemption obtained from the FAI.


As per host country legislation, the organizer shall provide all participants with third party insurance to cover accidents involving injury to others or damage of property. Participants must hold their own health insurance to cover accident and/or illness.


From 1st January 2018, the protest fee has increased to 50€.


FAI diplomas and trophies will be awarded to participants who place First, Second and Third. 
Promotional materials from sponsors will be raffled among competitors.


Safety zones (<10m) camping zone, organization and pilots. It is as well forbidden low altitude flight the surrounding road but it is allowed to cross above it with no penalty. Branching above safety rules will incur in 300 penalty points.


For time keeping the Organization will use the SW suite GliderLink. Results can be monitors real time in: “http://masters2019.gliderlink.net”. Periodically a hardcopy will be printed in the organization board.


In the event´s webpage https://www.f5jmasters.com/ the different possibilities in the zone are shown. Hotel “El Zaguán” is an sponsor of the event. Lodging charges will be supported by the participants.

Gala Dinner

A gala dinner is planned location hor and costs will be published with advance.

Lunch during the competition

The organization will provide tickets for a sandwich and two cold drinks per day. Those helpers that would require this service should request it to the organization before 11:00 each day the cost for this service is 10€. The organisation will try to organize a non free snacks and drinks service during the competition.


In the website https://www.f5jmasters.com/ several bulletins will be published for updating the participants with relevant information.