Dear Pilot,

We are very happy to welcome you to the Year 2020 F5J Masters edition. 

We are already working hard to bring for you an even better edition of our famous F5J Masters.

And the best way you can help us to prepare it is you make an early inscription in our web page.


We are happy to announce that pre-inscriptions are already open.


This year we have two new things:


We decided that for Sunday we should aim to finish between 30 min and one hour earlier, to help those that travel back home in that moment. This is why we have scheduled 8 classifying flights in Saturday and we have decided as well to start on Sunday a little earlier.


But the most important change in this edition is we have advanced the date of celebration by some 2 weeks in the year. This has been decided to secure weather more in the level of the last two editions when temperature was helping us a lot in the success of the contest.


We are still chasing our compromise to have the contest with more classifying flights of the area. We definitely organize this to fly a lot in the best scenario.


As said our target this year is to achieve 10 flights per participant and also 3 flights for fly off.


Escalona del Prado provides us the most open and wide flying camp we can find in Spain enabled for F5J. You could start training flights on the Friday afternoon. It’s a nice experience.


We want specially thank Municipality of Escalona del Prado and their inhabitants all the help they are providing us to count with the Best Time Keepers. They are young enthusiasts that give us generously part or their free time to make possible this great event!

The contest agenda will be:


Accreditations:  Friday 14th from 16:00 till 18:00 and Saturday from  9:00 till 10:00

  • Classifying flights: Saturday from 11:00 till 17:00 (8) y Sunday from 9:30 till 11:00 (2)
  • Fly-Off flights: Sunday from 12:00 till 14:00


The same Friday afternoon an exposition from our sponsor’s will take place.

GliderKeeper has confirmed attendance and will be at your disposal in the field of flight to display the product, use cases and resolve any questions on site.


We will be publishing both via bulletins and in our web the details relevant for you to get the best experience in this contest.


By the moment you have to make your reservations in the hotels of the area or just plan for a Camping in the site and make your pre inscription in our web page. By the moment payment is not yet possible since we are preparing a new bank account to receive it.

Remember you will not secure your participation until you have confirmed payment. However the first 60 pilots pre-registered will have priority from the rest.


And always if you have any query contact us in


The organization committee, the sponsors and the city council of Escalona del Prado welcome you and expect to greet you in person.

Thanks to our Sponsors: