Pegaso, hijo de Medusa, que acarrea los rayos de Zeus, fue domesticado por El Campeón de este concurso y le ayudo a vencer a La Quimera. Descansará en el salón de la casa de El Campeón hasta la siguiente pelea con La Quimera en Escalona del Prado. 

El significado del mítico Pegaso es multifacético. Representa la libertad, la superación de los obstáculos, la conexión entre el cielo y la tierra, y la victoria sobre los enemigos.

Pegasus, son of Medusa, who carries Zeus rays, tamed by The Champion of this contest, together they defeated The Chimera. He will rest in the living room of The Champion until next fight with The Chimera in Escalona del Prado.

The meaning of the mythical Pegasus is multifaceted. It represents freedom, overcoming obstacles, the connection between heaven and earth, and victory over enemies.







The 2024 F5J MASTERS is organised by
Club de aeromodelismo Petirrojo de Escalona,

F5J Masters 2024 Apr 27th and 28th.




10:00-18:00 Free training flights
16:00-18:00 Registration, Licenses Collection & Badge Delivery


16:00-18:00 Training and demo for new GliderKeeper users


F5L Demo informal Competition



9:00-9:30 Registration, Licenses Collection & Badge Delivery
9:30-9:50 Pilot Briefing
10:00-18:00 Qualifying Flights (9) (lunch on the fly)



9:00-11:30 Qualifying Flights (3)
12:00-12:30 Results publication and claiming time (lunch)
12:30- 13:30 Fly- Off
14:00 Proclamation of winners & Awards Ceremony



The F5J Masters 2024 and Pre-competition will be held in Escalona del Prado, a lovely small town in center Spain (for a better perception of the airport, use GPS coordinates (41°09’45.6″N 4°08’21.6″W). Our Club has a surface area for up to 20 landing spots, an 8000 m2 surface for tents and a campsite.

There will be “no-fly” zones at our competition, meaning there will be no limitation as to where you can fly. The surface of the airfieldis sufficient large to provide an interesting and invigorating competition! The event will be held near of central Spanish summer, so that estimated temperatures are expected to reach approximately 24°C (and up to 30°C) with humidity levels then, at about 30%.

The maximum number of pilots registered will be 60. The organization keeps the rights to modify this number.


Photo gallery of the previous moments contests




Escalona del prado, SEGOVIA http://www.escalonadelprado.es/


41°09’45.6″N 4°08’21.6″W Field Location:



MASTERS-organized by the Club F5J and AMD Petirrojo de Escalona     https://f5jmasters.com/ Technical Director: Sergio Martinez Lara              +34 678740831                 smlara @ gmail Competition Jury:

  • Sergio Martinez Lara
  • Javier Hernandez Rodero
  • Senior pilot chosen by lot from each Participant Country


  • El Zaguán
  • Excmo.. Ayto. Escalona del Prado
  • Glider CG                                                          
  • Ihobbies
  • MontareloConsulting                                 
  • Club Petirrojo de Escalona                         
  • GliderKeeper


  • Club Petirrojo
  • Excmo. Ayto. Escalona del  Prado
  • FAI
  • RFAE
  • FACL
  • Clib de Aeromodelismo Petirrojo de Escalona    



  • Registration will take place through the website of the organization: https://f5jmasters.com/entry-form/. Participants must be in possession of the FAI license (and its national license with corresponding sports accident insurance and Liability) You cannot compete if FAI License is not presented during registration. It might be retired until the end of the contest (or voluntary withdrawal of the participant). For organizational reasons only will be admitted the first sixty (60) eligible entries. The Organization reserves the right to extend this number if need be considered. The inscription is open until 2 weeks ahead of contest dates. The organization reserves the right to accept entries from that date Contest date. In this case the entry fee would have a penalty of 25€. The registration fee does not include the gala dinner.

Flying field

Escalona of the Prado (Segovia)

GPS coordinates: 41 ° 09’45.6 “N 4 ° 08’21.6” W

It can be seen on the website of the event: www.f5jmasters.com

Scheduled flights

It is expected to perform twelve (12) qualification flights and NO Fly-off rounds



Radio frequencies authorized in Spain (CNAF) are:

  • 2.4 GHz
  • 35 MHz band: 35.030MHz to 35.200MHz from
  • 40MHz band: 40.665, 40.675, 40.685 and 40.695MHz

The Equipments  in 35 and 40 shall be kept by the organization while the competitor does not compete, except for training flights on Friday. In the flight zone ONLY the organization is  allowed to use intercoms or cell phones.


  • Shall apply the latest regulations published FAI CIAM-specialty: https://www.fai.org/sites/default/files/documents/sc4_vol_f5_electric_20.pdf in
  • Local Rule as per Bulletin 1.
  • https://www.fai.org/page/ciam-code Altimeters may be any of those authorized in the EDIC WG & Electronic Device Approvals
  • https://www.fai.org/sites/default/files/f5j_amrt_approval_list_180829.pdf in https://www.fai.org/page/ciam-edic If the contestant will use an altimeter that was not that of the GliderKeeper, RC-Electronic or Altis, it shall notify the organization at the time of registration and must be available to the organization both SW and FW if he was required. All altimeters have installed the latest version of the firmware FAI-S or FAI-F (Emergency restart allowed). It is recalled that altimeters must be connected by a “Y” to the receiver if the organization decides to install an ‘witness altimeter’ ( If the participant would use two or more models, they need to be registered with the organization. It is the obligation of the participants the knowledge of the rules.
  • All Applicable Covid-19 precautions or restrictions following local Health Authorities which may be in place at the date of the contest.


No overflights at low altitude (<3m) the campsite, organization and pilots. It is also forbidden to fly over the nearby road, being able to cross it without penalty. The failure of either of the two above safety standards will be penalized with 300 points.


For the taking, annotation and calculating flight data (scores) the GliderLink application will be used. The results are available online at: “http://masters2020.gliderlink.net“. Periodically we will proceed to its publication in the bulletin of the organization.


On the website of the event https://f5jmasters.com/ please consult the diversity of possibilities in the area (remember “El Zaguán” as Posada Hotel and sponsor of this event). All accommodation costs will be paid by participants.

Dinner event

It is planned a dinner, for those who sign up on Saturday at 21:00. The location and price are notified well in advance.

Lunch at the airfield

The organization will provide each participant tickets for a sandwich and two drinks per day. Those assistants who want this service must apply to the organization before 11:00 each day and the amount paid 10 €. The organization also try to have the flying field service drinks and snacks to use, free, by attendees.


On the website of the event https://f5jmasters.com/ necessary will be published newsletters to keep informed and potential enrollees interested in enrolling.


We kindly ask competitors to reserve their own accommodations. Below is a list of recommendations located near the field. An extended list of offers and recommendations will also be published on our web site.



  • Sauquillo de Cabezas:
    • Casa Rural Los Lobos (loslobos.es)
    • Casa Rural del Pozo: 687 15 02 03
  • Mozoncillo:
    • Casa Rural la Caseria: lacaseriarural.es/
    • Hostal Mesón González (Calle Bodega, 11, Telefono: 921 57 73 00)
  • Aguilafuente:
    • Hostal El Sinodal: http://www.casaruralsinodal.es/
    • Casas Rurales Real Posito: http://www.casarealposito.com/
    • Casa Rural La casa del Cubon: http://www.lacasadelcubon.com/
    • Casa Rural La casa de Gerardo: 656 27 21 12
    • Casa Rural La casa del Palacio: casadelpalacio.com.
    • Casa Rural Las zarrizuelas: http://zarrizuelas.com/
  • Villovela del Piron:
  • Turegano (o alguna aldea muy cercana):
    • Hotal El Zaguan: el-zaguan.com
    • Hotal Sol y Sombra: portalsegovia.com/solysombra
    • Posada Rural La casa vieja: lacasavieja.net
    • Casa Rural La Herradura: 639 67 11 84
    • Casa Rural de Hechizo: 916584658
    • Casa Rural La fragua de los Alvaro: 667 44 87 70
    • Casa Rural La casa de Paco Martin: 609 10 50 86
    • Casa Rural Casa Astarloa: 667 51 03 12
    • Casas Rurales Los Halcones: 921 577 046 – 699 784 070
    • Casitas Rurales A Toca: www.atoca.es/es
    • Casa Rural El Fresno: 696 10 23 85
    • Centro Rural Salamandra’sss: 699 567 278


Prices can be quite different from place to place but usually depend on the place’s ranking. You can therefore find a hostel for 50€ a night. Hotels will be more expensive, you can count on 60€ a night and more. To find a place to sleep near the event venue, make the registration as soon as possible due to the fact that summer season can be quite busy in the valley. 




(as 15/04/16:00)

# FirstName LastName Club Country Demo F5L
Country ESP 29   Yes 10
  FRA 4   NO, 27
  ITA 1      
  NOR 1      
  POR 2      
  SWE 1